Writing under the genres psychological thriller/crossover Christian fiction, Adams guides
her reading audience in  search of self-actualization through her multi-level characters. She
uses her gift to bring life back to the broken soul.  Addressing the plagues of today's
social-ills, her novels demonstrate we are all intricately connected by six degrees of
separation.  The action of one has a ripple affect on others.  God has made us all
accountable and responsible for each other.  

Her writings break the code of silence on abuse, bringing to the forefront those parts of
ourselves we keep secret and hidden that block our ability to bask in full connection with
the Heavenly Father.

The author
, a Clinical Christian Counselor, is a graduate of Prairie View A and M
University, and  serves as an advocate for women issues.  Aside from writing, she
facilitates two support groups
Wounded Heart for victims/survivors of childhood sexual
abuse and
Circle of Healing for victims/survivors of intimate partner violence. She also
speaks out against intimate partner violence and teen dating violence.  To schedule the
author as a guest for your book club or to facilitate a workshop on the issues of intimate
partner violence and sexual abuse, click
here. Her understanding of how words may make
or break the human spirit led her to bring her desire to become a published writer to

JA Adams is represented by
Nia Promotions.
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