JA Adams
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Buy any two of JA Adams' books and receive a free
personal autograph copy of              
            Unfinished Business.*

Mail original proof of purchase to:
Shaw Harris and Associates
1312 Timberland Drive
Lufkin, TX 75901

Include in an envelope with your proof of purchase on a 3X5 index card,
your full name and full address to mail the free book.**

Allow four weeks for processing.

*Books downloaded from online (internet/worldwide web) sources to electronic devices are not eligible for this rebate.  Only
proof of purchase for books in paperback format will be accepted for this promotional offer.  One free book per
person/household is allowed. Multiple rebate request received from same individual and/or address will only be processed for
one free book. No photocopies of receipts will be accepted. This is a limited time offer expiring 3-31-2014.  Receipt of proof
of purchase must be electronically generated and hold the following information: location, date, time of purchase, amount of
purchased and title of books purchased. Partial receipts of proof of purchase will not be accepted nor acknowledged. If buyer so
desires, buyer is responsible for obtaining/securing proof of delivery for their mailed rebate request.
**Shaw Harris and Associates, any of its employees, contractors, associates, nor the author JA Adams accept any
responsibility for any rebates claimed to have been submitted and lost in the mail.  Only mailed rebates will be accepted. The
cost for mailing proof of purchase is the responsibility of the buyer. Rebates are not processed at the Timberland Drive
location nor in the Lufkin, TX area. Do not mail books to the above address for author signature in that they will not be
returned to you. Such autograph opportunities are arranged directly with the author and at the author's discretion and not
Shaw Harris and Associates. This rebate is not associated with any other Shaw Harris and Associate activity or entity.